Auscott has been a big part of the cotton industry since 1963, growing, ginning and shipping the finest quality Australian cotton and playing a significant part in the wider industry, particularly in areas of Research and Development. 


Auscott produces crops in the Namoi, Macquarie and Murrumbidgee Valleys of inland NSW. The company’s operations are world-class facilities operated by highly skilled employees and supported by modern, efficient equipment. Australian cotton yields and quality are among the highest in the world with Auscott enjoying a position as a leading producer in each of the Valleys in which it operates.

As a strong supporter of science and technology, Auscott pursues farming techniques designed around the profitable stewardship of natural resources. All of the company’s farms are certified Best Practice Management operations. The company is a leader in soil management and integrated crop management in irrigated agriculture. While cotton is the main economic crop, the farms are also significant producers of rotation crops including wheat (bread, soft, pasta), canola, chickpeas (Garbanzo), sorghum and smaller quantities of some specialist seeds.

The company’s farming practice includes minimum tillage and controlled traffic farming, retained stubble practices and satellite assisted precision farming techniques. Irrigation practices include laser levelled furrow irrigation systems, lateral move overhead irrigation and drip irrigation installation. High standards of water use efficiency are a key focus of the company’s agronomic staff.

Telemetry and other remote sensing/control systems are employed at various sites with irrigation scheduling based on up to the minute soil moisture data transmitted automatically from soil moisture probes strategically positioned across the irrigated fields.

The agronomic teams at each farm undertake significant research and trial programs, ensuring that the company is at the forefront of best practice such as new varieties, new production techniques, enhanced irrigation scheduling and the latest developments in crop biotechnology.





Auscott operates cotton ginning facilities in its three valleys of operation

Cotton Ginning: machinery for removal of cotton seeds and other material from cotton lint

At Auscott we gin our own cotton. We also gin cotton for other growers to the same exacting standards, it’s just in our DNA.

We achieve this with modern and well-maintained equipment, leading automation and technology and good experienced people.

We welcome growers to watch us in action

For more information please contact your local Grower Services Manager.


Auscott markets its own cotton as well as cotton from other growers that gin with Auscott. As a significant grower itself, Auscott understands the needs of growers and the services they desire.

For over 55 years Auscott has developed markets for Australian cotton in the international arena and has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier due to its strict controls in processing, classing and shipping resulting in an excellent trading relationship with its customers and agents.

Auscott provides a range of marketing options and products for its growers and its buyer customers. Through the Grower Services staff, the company provides up-to-date marketing information as well as organised presentations to keep customers up to date with market trends and developments. In addition to cotton, Auscott provides marketing options for cottonseed, which is sold to the feedgrain, export and domestic crushing markets. Auscott is constantly monitoring these markets in order to access the best market opportunities.

The Grower Services staff welcome enquiries regarding lint and cottonseed marketing.



Auscott operates two wholly owned warehousing facilities, one at Narrabri in the Namoi Valley and one at Warren in the Macquarie Valley. 

The warehousing facilities store cotton from the Company's ginning operations as well as providing contract storage of cotton and various commodites for other growers and merchants.

Humidification is provided for stored cotton. The warehouses operate to AQIS standards and provide container-loading services for a range of commodities. Rail line spurs facilitate transfer of containerised commodities to ports for export. Weighbridge facilities can service multi-combination truck weighing.

The warehouses coordinate with shipping staff at the Artarmon office in Sydney. The warehouses are an important part of Auscott's complete supply chain that benefits its domestic and international customers.




Auscott operates a cotton classing facility of enviable reputation at its Artarmon office in Sydney.

These operations are supported by strong ties to international classing organisations such as ICA Bremen, CSITC, CSIRO and the cotton classers association of Australia.

Auscott is represented at the highest levels of Australian cotton classing and shipping associations and is well respected within the industry.

Auscott classes all the cotton that it markets and additionally offers competitive contract classing services to growers.


Auscott handles all shipping arrangements in-house including logistics co-ordination and export documentation. The company’s experienced shipping staff liaises closely with rail and freight companies, shipping lines, stevedores and banks to ensure the efficient and smooth handling of all shipments.

The in-house handling of shipping closes the loop in Auscott’s field to mill structure. Auscott is the only Australian cotton supplier that substantially controls the product from the planting of the seed all the way through to the delivery of cotton lint around the world.