Our Story

Dealing with variegated thistles at Narrabri June 1963


From a single 2,800 hectare farm near Narrabri in 1963 to operations spanning three Valleys in NSW today, Auscott has played a leading role in the shaping of Australia’s cotton industry since it was founded by the J. G. Boswell Company more than 50 years ago.


Two Arizonan farmers suppported by the Boswell Company establish Auscott

1,700 hectares of cotton are planted at Narrabri as the first large scale private irrigation enterprise in NSW

Auscott builds its first gin, receives cotton from first grower customer

Auscott’s second crop is great success, yielding 5.21 bales per hectare

Auscott builds its second gin at Narrabri

Auscott acquires land at Warren in the Macquarie Valley where it builds its third cotton gin

A second gin in the valley is subsequently built at Trangie

Auscott helps set up Cottonseed Distributors

Auscott supports an oilseed mill in Narrabri, later to be the Cargill plant. Auscott expands Narrabri operations, leasing “Togo Station”


Auscott awards first Education Scholarship, expanding to four annual scholarships

Auscott helps establish Australian Cotton Growers Research Association

Auscott helps form the Australian Cotton Foundation, later to become Cotton Australia

Auscott establishes operations in the Gwydir Valley at Moree

Auscott acquires more land and leases in the Macquarie Valley

Auscott achieves largest single expansion through acquisition of ‘Midkin’ property, outside of Moree and builds fifth gin


Auscott builds its sixth gin on the Midkin property

Auscott wins "Exporter of the Year" for primary products

Consolidated Press Holdings acquires Auscott but sells back to the Boswell Company in 1990


Auscott plays major part in environmental and operational practices research program, introducting Best Management Practices (BMP)

Auscott opens its seventh gin, building a new gin at Warren

Auscott builds cotton warehouse and railway siding at Warren

Auscott passes 5 million bales, builds two new gins at Narrabri

Auscott opens a new gin at Trangie


Auscott makes largest land purchase of “Togo” and “Appletrees” properties

Auscott purchases Narrabri warehouses and rail siding.

Auscott assists in purchase of “Burrima” property, leads to establishment of the Macquarie Marshes Environmental Trust to demonstrate better wetland management


Auscott gins just under one million bales in a season

Auscott passes 13 million bales, purchases “Meramie” to expand Warren operations

Auscott expands farming and ginning operations into Murrumbidgee Valley.

Auscotts eleventh gin is opened at Hay to service the Murrumbidgee operations and growers

Auscott partners with Oritain for worldwide traceability of Australian cotton


Auscott passes 16 million bales


The Auscott Midkin aggregation was sold