Auscott produces crops in the Namoi, Macquarie and Murrumbidgee Valleys of inland NSW. The company’s operations are world-class facilities operated by highly skilled employees and supported by modern, efficient equipment. Australian cotton yields and quality are among the highest in the world with Auscott enjoying a position as a leading producer in each of the Valleys in which it operates.

As a strong supporter of science and technology, Auscott pursues farming techniques designed around the profitable stewardship of natural resources. All of the company’s farms are certified Best Practice Management operations. The company is a leader in soil management and integrated crop management in irrigated agriculture. While cotton is the main economic crop, the farms are also significant producers of rotation crops including wheat (bread, soft, pasta), canola, chickpeas (Garbanzo), sorghum and smaller quantities of some specialist seeds.

The company’s farming practice includes minimum tillage and controlled traffic farming, retained stubble practices and satellite assisted precision farming techniques. Irrigation practices include laser levelled furrow irrigation systems, lateral move overhead irrigation and drip irrigation installation. High standards of water use efficiency are a key focus of the company’s agronomic staff.

Telemetry and other remote sensing/control systems are employed at various sites with irrigation scheduling based on up to the minute soil moisture data transmitted automatically from soil moisture probes strategically positioned across the irrigated fields.

The agronomic teams at each farm undertake significant research and trial programs, ensuring that the company is at the forefront of best practice such as new varieties, new production techniques, enhanced irrigation scheduling and the latest developments in crop biotechnology.